The Hunt

  • This is an armchair treasure hunt in aid of good causes with cash prizes.
  • Anyone can enter and enjoy the fun challenge.
  • Follow the story of 2 people travelling across the world on a voyage of personal discovery solving problems and challenges set by a mysterious, overshadowing organisation.
  • We will take you on a pictorial tour of some of the most scenic geographical locations in the world.
  • Within is a collection of puzzles and conundrums of all types; enjoyable and rewarding on many levels.
  • This will be a test of your powers of observation and deduction. Puzzle expertise is not essential.
  • The action and puzzles take place over 12 stages, or chapters.
  • At the end of each chapter a problem will have to be solved to find the link to the next level (chapter).
  • Running throughout are two threads buried in the text and pictures, the solution of which will make contestants eligible for the two major prizes. Be warned it may take several chapters to locate these threads and red herrings abound.
  • Puzzles encountered could be alpha-numeric, crossword style, logic, pictorial, pub quiz etc. ‘Mistakes’ and ‘errors’ may be intentional!
  • No specialist knowledge is required and internet searches may often give the answers.
  • Chapters will be downloadable in pdf format so it will be necessary to have a pdf reader like Acrobat or Evince (freely downloaded).
  • So please sign up for your FREE no-commitment Chapter 1 to get involved in the pursuit and to have a chance of beating all opposition to the final reward.

The Prizes

  • The two main cash prizes can be won by solving 2 lines of embedded puzzles running through all the chapters and completing a related final task or tasks depending on the numbers of contestants.
  • The ‘pot’ for these prizes will be made up from the entry subscriptions from contestants going past the initial free chapter 1.
  • In the event of several winners for each prize there may be a play off, and subsidiary prizes may be made available when the prize pot exceeds £1000.
  • Other prizes may be available for solving side puzzles as the Quest progresses.
  • A minimum of 60% of subscriptions received will be dedicated to prizes (at least 25% being allocated to each of the 2 main prizes) – more enrolled contestants equals a greater prize pot.

How Much

  • Entrance to the whole quest is only 10.00 GBP and and will only be requested when contestants wish to progress to chapter 2 from the free chapter 1.
  • However you still have to make the link between each chapter. Should you not be able to get the link but wish to continue (perhaps because you can see the bigger picture or prize?), we will have to charge 1.99 GBP to help you get past this minor hurdle.
  • The following may be purchased, in addition, according to preference:-
  • ‘Catch up’ Set A. 6.00 GBP  Chapters 1 to 6 inclusive – Through France to the UK and on to New Zealand. No hints required but still fun tackling the puzzles at the end of each chapter.
  • ‘Catch up’ Set B.  8.00 GBP  Chapters 7 to 12 inclusive – Down through New Zealand from the north of North Island to the south of South Island. No hints required but still fun tackling the puzzles at the end of each chapter.
  • Set C. All chapters as a complete set  16.00 GBP No hints required but still fun tackling the puzzles at the end of each chapter.
  • N.B. To qualify for one or both of the ‘buried treasure’ prizes purchasers still have to solve the hidden thread puzzles and follow the encoded instructions in Chapter 12.
  • Family Tree  blank forms for side puzzle  5.00 GBP

The Rules

  • Each contestant will have to be recorded by us as having been supplied with all chapters to qualify for either of the 2 major prizes.
  • Contestants can submit any number of attempts at solutions for the locations of the ‘Buried Treasures’,  but these will only be valid on the completed ‘Solution Attempt’ forms supplied by us on request.
  • The language and spelling used will be ‘English’ English and, unless otherwise defined, linear and other measurements will be metric, dates in British format and times in 24hr format.
  • Although the website contains the full text of the story and puzzles, due to the limitations of website formatting, the official script necessary for solving all puzzles will be the PDF of each chapter. Please consider the chapters on the website as a virtual aide and a means of getting to the next chapter by filling the blanks at the end, but to ensure accuracy PDF must be used for solving all puzzles.

New – Family Tree Side Search

  • We now have available a side search to establish the full family trees of the main characters’ families using simple logic and with the greater chance of winning a prize.
  • Using information given in the text of the main Quest completed family trees can be constructed on one of our blank forms which has to exactly match our reference copy for the opportunity to win a prize.
  • This competition is only available to existing contestants in the main Cloud Quest and who have paid the £5 entrance charge. More than 1 entry, at £5 per entry, may be submitted by each contestant.
  • All entrance charges will go into the total income fund, and prizes for correct entries will come from 10% of this fund to be divided equally between all winners of this section.
  • To allow for latecomers to catch up the winners will be declared at the same time as the winners of the main Cloud Quest.
  • The author’s decision will be final.

The Charities

  • Our profits will be divided equally between 2 charities giving support to those in need. That is at least 30% of the profit each.
  • After the costs of presenting this challenge have been taken into account there will be at least 15% – 20% (the expected profit) to go to our chosen charities.
  • Cancer Support France gives support of those fighting cancer in France. Among my friends unfortunately I have too many who are facing up to the challenge of this terrible disease.
  • Diabetes Youth New Zealand supports young diabetics in New Zealand, and their families, who are having to cope with the problems of growing up at the same time as adjusting to life as a diabetic. Some dear friends in faraway New Zealand have an early teenage son facing up to this challenge at present.