The Coyne/Payne Family Tree

Rules for Family Tree Submission

  1. Solutions to the family tree are to be submitted as a list corresponding to the numbers on the blank forms. These may be submitted as an e-mail at or after the date to be announced when the Quest has been completed – a period for catching up will be specified at that time.
  2. Beside each number on your list put as full a name as possible of the individual, his/her partner if known or deduced, likewise year of birth and specific date if known or deduced.
  3. This competition is only available to existing contestants in the main Cloud Quest and who have paid the £5 entrance charge. More than 1 entry, at £5 per entry, may be submitted by each contestant.
  4. All entrance charges will go into the total income fund, and prizes for correct entries will come from 10% of this fund to be divided equally between all winners of this section.
  5. The author's decision will be final.
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