Terms & Conditions for being an Associate

N.B. We wish to keep these terms brief in the hope that Associates will respect the spirit of the chase at all times and have an enjoyable time participating.

  1. The Business have the right to exclude Associates who are considered to have breached the spirit of The Cloud Quest.
  2. Contributors to forums will abide by the rules of the forums and not use any obscene or offensive language which may cause distress to others.
  3. Teams and similar groups will be welcome, but may enter only under one contact/screen name/password who will be the recipient of any prize monies due.
  4. The main prizes will only be awarded to Associates who have been shown on our records to have been enrolled and fully paid up and achieved all levels of The Quest and satisfied any elimination procedures.
  5. UK and European law applies in any disputes.
  6. Distances and weights will be metric. All other measurements, dates and spellings will be in UK format.
  7. The organisers reserve the right to vary or extend these conditions as may be deemed necessary
  8. There will be no refunds.