By P. U. Kekoe

Do you enjoy really challenging puzzles?

Would you relish the opportunity to solve problems for cash rewards?

Can you rise to the challenge and discover my fiendish, deeply hidden, clues to the pots of cash?

puzzle_map_transWe have wrapped up a series of conundrums in a story of two peoples' travels across France, The UK and New Zealand. This is their quest to gain their rightful inheritance and the search to know more of their personal family histories.

Your job is to follow them, solve the problems with which they are challenged,and possibly beat them to the main prizes at the end of their quest. These prizes will be come from a significant pot accumulated from affordable enrolment fees. You will be certain of good value for money and a challenging and fun brain exercise.

Further prize winning side challenges may be issued as the chase progresses.

You need travel no further than your own computer and no specialist knowledge is required.

For more details look into our free first chapter offer and receive a fully explanatory letter.

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